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The Latest Updates of Online Gambling Industry In 2019?

The online gambling industry is adopting newer technologies to update their system. As you will the graphics and designs of the gambling games are becoming more realistic. Because of the innovative use of technology in gambling, it became quite a convenient source of playing gambling games. While the gambling experience of online gamblers is also improving. If you are looking for some new changes in the online gambling games, then here are shown some:

klik disini
klik disini

Mobile gambling applications

Because of the popularity of mobile gaming, online gambling industry have taken a step on the mobile gaming platform. Now gamblers can also download their favorite gambling games in the form of mobile application on their smartphone devices. To get information about some amazing gambling application you should click here (klik disini). As you would find exciting wagering sites where you can play Poker, Domino qui qui and many other entertaining games.

Multiplayer and social feature

You might have played games which you can play multiplayer, while you can also converse and chat together with other players. It also gives the platform to socialize with other people. Similar to that there are some gambling applications using which you can play multiplayer games also, while you can also socially converse with each other. You can also add your social media information with the gambling application to invite your friends for playing online gambling games.

Virtual reality technology

Because of the high tech innovation in the gaming industry, now it is possible to create gaming which seems close to the real games. Which is the reason why most of the online gambling games are improving their virtual technology to make it seem more realistic. Because of that, the online gamblers could be able to experience a similar sensation as they can have in the real casino.

Sports betting

Earlier people bet their money on sports gambling through bookies or betting punters only. But now because of the online gambling, they can play their betting online. Now gamblers can also invest in the fantasy sports betting, in which rather than investing on a particular team, a gambler can play his/her betting on the players of both sides.

These are some of the latest tech. innovations in the gambling industry which is giving birth to the new trend set of gamblers. As gamblers would also like to invest on the online gambling platform because of these innovations.


Must to know Poker Rules for Beginners

One of the most beautiful things about poker is everybody thinks they can play but there are various rules and regulations which are associated with Poker.

There are various types of poker games are available like 389poker, in which the games usually start with having 5 pack of cards.

The betting starts in the circular motion and usually, the pro-players of poker prefer to begin the deal from their left-hand side. Starting with the bet, each player will have four options, which include:






A player who supposes to have a decent hand (or else who needs other players sitting in the table to think he has a decent hand) may boost the bet required to keep playing.




Any player who considers his hand isn’t adequate to win the game or feels that it’s not his day to win the match or who does not have any desire to bet the expanded sum may set out his cards. He can’t win the bet, yet he likewise won’t lose any more chips.




When a player has upped the stave, every player should choose whether to up the ante once more, to give in and crease the hand, or else to call, hence, it intends to approach the sum bet by the gamer who has raised.




If in case none of them have expanded the bet required to proceed with, then the player can stand to the point by checking, or passing on his alternative to wager.


As there are varieties of games which are available in Poker, even then there are few rules which are applicable to almost all the games like, a similar chain of important hands exists, and hence some of the better hands are rarer and harder to accomplish than the lesser hands.


All the cards in the Poker game are positioned from best to most noticeably awful. The position of a card regularly breaks the tie if two players accomplish a similar hand. The Ace is considered to be the most profitable card. From that point, it goes in dropping request: King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.


The positioning of hands, from least to most noteworthy esteem:


  • High Card- This is the situation in which no combination can be made.
  • One pair- A couple is shaped when you have two of any similar cards.
  • Two pairs- At the point when two players have two sets, the player with the most noteworthy combination wins.



Thus, these are some of the poker rules which you being a beginner should know and consider about.


7 Things To Consider Before Choosing An Online Poker site

It is true that nowadays we have so many poker sites to choose from. That makes it more difficult to select the best one for us.  The misleading and fake information published on the sites nowadays make it even more difficult. However, if you consider certain things before making your mind about any site then you can definitely end-up choosing the best poker site like 389 poker.


Check out the site restrictions and rules


There are several sites present over internet that restricted or banned in some countries. So it is important to take care of this thing before signing in any poker site. Please check either you are legally allowed to access that site or not. Unless you also get into trouble.


Let site traffic into count


389 poker


Site traffic also matters when it comes to the selection of the authentic and best poker site. Because legitimate and popular sites only have traffic of active players that daily play various poker games there.


Variant games availability


The poker site you choose must consist of varieties of game. So that you can explore more about the different types of poker game. Some fake sites displays the option of various games at their home page only but in reality they have one or two games to offer. So must scrutinize about that.


Accessibility of the site



Must check that site should consist 24×7 accessibility. So that you can play anytime even in the mid of the night. Because there are several sites that does not allow their services after 5 p.m. or 6 p.m. in the evening.


About rake and fees


Most of the time people overlook the importance of rake and fees of the poker site that is not desirable. You have to look out for the fees demanded by the site. So that you can select the site easily affordable to you.


Types of bonus and rewards



Nowadays poker sites offers various types of bonuses like no-deposit, referral, welcome and many more to their users. So look for site that consist all these types of bonuses and rewards. So that you can take advantage of them while playing different poker games.


24×7 customer service


While playing online poker we may sometime come across various site issues. That is why 24×7 customer service is must. So that you can easily avoid the hassle in between interesting phase of the game.


The poker site you choose must offer you the environment full of opportunities to explore more about this game. Hopefully the above points help you to choose the best poker site for yourself.